Types of File Extensions
  Have you ever worked on a project where you needed a specific type of image and didn’t know which to choose? There are JPGs, PNGs, GIFs, and more and we know it can be overwhelming — especially if you’re unfamiliar with the varying types of file extensions. Whether you’re a designer looking to remind yourself of the differences or a business owner trying to decipher all the different file types a designer sent your
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We’re late into 2019 and the internet is overflowing with resources on coding, development, and design — and basically anything else you need. Not to mention all the inexpensive, DIY platform builders out there such as Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, WordPress, etc. With all this available, it’s no surprise that many people decide to design their own website(s) rather than hire a company.  Let’s quickly go over the basic pros and cons of hiring a web developer
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While you may not be familiar with the term “pay-per-click marketing,” chances are you’ve seen or clicked on a pay-per-click ad at least once. They are the ads in the sidebar of a blog page or the paid results on the top of a search engine’s results page. There is a range of online advertising options that charge you on a per-click basis, including paid search marketing, display advertising, social media advertising, affiliate marketing, and
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You would think that we would have learned from Google by now to expect the unexpected. There is calm in the SERPs during the holiday season where not too much changes. This way businesses can trust (and invest) in Google to sell their products or services this time of year. In mid-November, there was a considerable change in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) where about 51% of the search results has longer snippets associated
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UX Design
Well depending on who you are speaking to User Experience or UX, UXD, UED or XD all mean the same exact thing. So don’t be fooled when you are talking to different marketing or digital agencies when some of this terminology is thrown at you unexpectedly. All of these abbreviations come down to one key point. Enhancing the experience of your website so that it is easy to navigate to creating a pleasant buying experience
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